2023 Auditions

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The Beverly Hillbillies

The Chillicothe Civic Theatre and Director, Allison Arnold would like to announce that auditions for the Beverly Hillbillies will be December 28&29, 2022, from 6-9PM and January 4&5, 20223, from 6:30-9PM. Callbacks will be on January 6, 2023, from 6-9PM, if needed!

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for The Beverly Hillbillies. We have so many exciting roles available! For your audition we are asking that you come with a prepared story about the Beverly Hillbillies told from the point of view of the character you are auditioning for. Please feel free to use your best hillbilly accent or the accent that best fits the character you are auditioning for. Please wear comfortable nondescript clothing for your audition. Please do not wear a costume of any sort. You will have up to 5 minutes to tell your hillbilly tale so please come prepared for this portion of the audition. There may also be cold reading at your audition. If callbacks are needed they will take place on January 6, 2023 from 6pm-9pm. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Allison Arnold at ccthillbillies2023@gmail.com

You can RSVP your spot for auditions at this link! We can’t wait to see y’all!!!!


GRANNY: Granny is a spry and snippy elderly lady. She wears rough back country type of clothes, except in the party scene (Act Two, Scene Three) when she wears a nice, old-fashioned go-to-meeting type of dress. In Act Three, she again wears old clothes.


JED: He is a tall, honest but naive middle-aged man. He wears country clothes, changing to a suit for the party.


ELLY: At first she wears pants and shirt and slouch hat which do not conceal the fact that she is a beautiful girl. A real tomboy, she is completely unaware of her beautiful face and figure. In Act Two, she first wears a bathing suit and beach jacket. In Scene Three of Act Two she wears a very handsome glittery ball gown. Later, in the scene when she reappears, her hair is fallen, her face dirty, and her clothes disarrayed. Her gown may be torn (if possible).


GEORGE TURNER: He is a young man, a geologist. He is dressed in riding pants, boots and shirt.


BREWSTER: He is a stuffy executive, conservatively dressed. He is chief counsel for a petroleum firm.


COUSIN PEARL: She is middle-aged, the most edu- cated and "citified" of the Clampetts, which doesn't make her too smart, but she can read and write.


JETHRO: Cousin Pearl's son is a huge, muscular boy of about twenty, fantastically strong and not too bright. He wears pants, shirt, and boots in Act One. In Act Two, he appears first in bathing trunks and boots. Later he changes to tennis shorts and sweater, but still wears his boots. For the party scenes he may wear either formal clothes or a dark suit. In either case, he wears his boots.


MR. DRYSDALE: He is a dignified, conservatively dressed, rather stuffy man of middle age. He is president of a Beverly Hills bank.


MRS. DRYSDALE: She is a fussy, plump, snobbish social matron. She wears fussy dresses, hats, gloves and purse. On her first appearance, she wears a fox fur piece over one shoulder. Later, in Act One, she wears a negligee and holds an ice bag. For the party scenes she is elegantly and fashionably dressed.


MISS HATHAWAY: Miss Hathaway is an old-maid type of secretary, neatly if severely dressed.


MRS. PENNYWEATHER: The head of the Penny- weather Academy is a tweedy, imperious woman.


PERCY: Percy Pennyweather is a mousy young man, an English instructor at his mother's school. Early in Act Two he appears wearing a large terry cloth robe. In Act Two, Scene Three he is at first dressed for the party; later he appears in a bedraggled state, with his arm through his jacket, sling style.


GLORIA MUNDY: She is a pretty teenager, presi- dent of the Student Council at Pennyweather Academy. In Act Two she wears a swim suit. For the party scenes she wears a pretty dress.


FREDERIKA COLLINS: She is a student at Penny- weather Academy. She is attractive in an intellectual way. On her first appearance (in Act Two) she is dressed for tennis. She is suitably dressed for the party.


EMALINE FETTY: She is a hill girl, and wears hill country clothes on her first appearance. Later in the scene, she appears in a bathing suit. Still later, she changes back to her country clothes, or, if there is not time enough, she puts a coat on over her bathing suit. In Act Two, Scene Three she wears the clothes she wore on arrival, although everyone else is dressed for the party. Later, she returns in an attractive dress, with her hair done in a sophisticated manner. When she speaks, she is pure backwoods, except when she reverts to being Rita, when she becomes a very hip chick.


COLONEL FOXHALL: The Colonel is a charming, elderly Southern gentleman, larcenous to the core. Hewears the traditional black string tie, plantation hat type of Southern Colonel clothes.


MRS. STOKELY-SMYTHE: She is an elegant Bev- erly Hills society lady. She is fashionably dressed.


THE OGLETHORPES: They are an elegant couple. He is the president of a shipping firm. They are suitably dressed for the party.


GROOVY MONAHAN: She is a very swingy chick who talks in a kind of rhythmic pattern, constantly snap- ping her fingers and obviously singing in her own way to music only she can hear. She is dressed for the party.


LT. FRANK RICHARDS: He is a nice-looking young man, not too large physically.


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