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Youth Theatre

We want you to join us on stage!

Acting & Drama Classes
Aladdin Jr.

Salaam and good evening to you, worthy friends! 


Disney’s Aladdin Jr.

Directed by Laura Pinnix

All K-12 students are invited to audition!

Auditions will be October 17th-18th, from 5-8:30pm at the Chillicothe Civic Theatre at 83 S. Walnut (Parking is available on the street or in the Walnut Street Church parking lot). Those who wish may submit a video audition. Videos are due by October 17th. All video submissions should be submitted to

Those interested in auditioning can find sides and songs here-


YouTube Guide Vocal Playlist:

Additional Resources:!/shows/ALA1797176


Callbacks will be October 19th. The director will contact those needed for callbacks directly. 

Please send any questions to



The Audition Process

1. Please stop by the registration table first so that guardians can fill out forms and conflict calendars. Auditions are open, so guardians are welcome to stay in the auditorium, but should sit in the back of the auditorium separate from the student. Please remain quiet and do not chat with your neighbor while students are auditioning on stage. No Recording of auditions is permitted.

2. The first part of the audition will be singing. Students will be seated in groups according to which character they wish to audition for. If auditioning for two named roles, they will sing for both roles, joining the second character’s group after the first character’s turn. After the singing portion, students may be asked to read for their part, and may also be asked to read a different part. Part of casting is determining how actors will work when paired together, so we may ask to see different pairings in different scenes. 

3. Call backs will be Wednesday, Oct 19th. Students receiving a call back will receive notification Tuesday evening (Oct 18th).

4. There will be a copy of the rehearsal calendar with the audition form. This is a tentative calendar. We will be using the cast member’s conflicts to coordinate the final rehearsal schedule, so please be detailed in noting your conflicts. Rehearsals will be scheduled on weekdays from 4:30-6pm (sometimes ending earlier) in October, November, and December with breaks for holidays. January rehearsals will increase potentially to M-F 6:00-8:30. Tech week begins on January 23 and will be 5:00-9:00 (at the latest). Show dates are January 26-29th.

5. Not all students will be cast. We are only casting 25-30 kids in the show. If you are not cast, please continue to audition. We will be doing another show in the near future. If you are not cast, but are interested in helping, please indicate on your audition form that you are willing to serve on a crew.

6. The Final Cast List will be posted to the Chillicothe Civic Theatre Facebook Page and the Chillicothe Civic Theatre Webpage,, by Saturday, October 22, 2022.

Good Luck on your Audition ! Don’t be nervous! We are rooting for you! We want you to do your best! And we are so excited to see what you bring to the table.



Character Breakdown


ALADDIN - (7th-12th grade only) The thief with a heart of gold. Aladdin is playful, funny, romantic, and hopeful in turns. This is a heavy singing role, so we are looking for someone with a strong singing voice.


JASMINE - (7th-12th grade only) Princess of Agrabah. She is strong, assertive, and not afraid to go after what she wants. She craves freedom but feels it is her duty to be a great leader for the citizens of Agrabah. We are looking for a strong singer for this role.


GENIE - The fast-talking, fun-loving, scene-stealing wisecracker who lives in the lamp and yearns to be free. We are looking for someone with strong comedic timing and playfulness.


JAFAR - The villain of the story! Jafar is the two-faced Grand Vizier plotting to steal the throne. We are looking for a good singer who can be funny with Iago but portray the sneaky, cunning side of Jafar just as well.


IAGO - Jafar’s sidekick (not a bird in this version). He is very sarcastic and funny. Iago sings very little, so acting is more important than having a great singing voice. 


BABKAK, OMAR, & KASSIM - Aladdin’s loyal and playful pals. Babkak is a foodie who loves to snack, Omar is a sensitive soul, and Kassim is the strong leader of the group. Looking for good singers who can be both funny and encouraging friends for Aladdin.


ISIR, MANAL, & RAJAH - Jasmine’s devoted attendants, who keep the princess grounded with their honesty and openness. Isir is optimistic, Manal is encouraging, and Rajah is fiercely protective. Looking for strong singers who can be a supportive crew for Jasmine.


SULTAN - A warm-hearted ruler and doting father to Jasmine. The Sultan only has one line of singing, so we are looking for someone who can play a father figure convincingly. 


ENSEMBLE - Those cast in the ensemble will play many roles throughout, such as beggars, vendors in the marketplace, palace guards, and entourage members for Prince Ali. We’re looking for strong, versatile actors who can carry a tune and carry the biggest numbers in the show. Some ensemble members will have selected solo vocal lines and dialogue.

Singing & Dance
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